Web Dev Deployment Trifecta

Dan Jones

Why Separation is the Name of the Game

In the realm of web deployment, there’s a trifecta that often gets bundled together: the Domain Registrar, DNS Server, and Web Hosting. While it might seem convenient to have them all under one roof, let’s dive into why separating these services is not just a smart move, but a crucial one.

Understanding the Trifecta:

  1. Domain Registrar: This is where you purchase and manage your domain name. Think of it as the deed to your digital property.
  2. DNS Server: The Domain Name System (DNS) translates human-friendly domain names (like www.example.com) into IP addresses. It’s the phonebook of the internet.
  3. Web Hosting: This is where your website’s files, databases, and content live. It’s the actual land upon which your digital property is built.

Why Not Bundle Them?

The Illusion of Convenience:
While bundling might seem like the easy route, it often leads to obscured processes and hidden fees. Some providers (no names mentioned, but rhymes with NoBaddy) are notorious for this. They make it challenging to navigate their platforms, pushing you towards unnecessary add-ons and services.

All Your Eggs in One Digital Basket:
If your bundled provider faces an outage or security breach, your entire online presence is at risk. It’s akin to having a single key for your car, house, and bank vault. Lose it, and you’re in a world of trouble.

Problem Diagnosis:
With everything under one umbrella, isolating issues can be a nightmare. Is it a domain issue? A DNS hiccup? Or a hosting problem? Separating services allows for quicker diagnosis and resolution.

The Power of Separation:

Protection of Your Assets:
By keeping your domain, DNS, and hosting separate, you’re adding layers of protection. If one service faces a breach or issue, the others remain secure.

Flexibility and Freedom:
Separation means you’re not tied down. If a better deal or service comes along for one aspect of your web presence, you can make a switch without upheaval.

Tailored Excellence:
Different providers excel in different areas. By diversifying, you can choose the best in each category. For instance, you might find a registrar with excellent prices, a DNS provider known for its reliability, and a web host that offers top-tier customer support.


For domain registration, I vouch for NameSilo – they offer competitive prices without hidden renewal fees.

Cloudflare is my go-to for DNS services; it’s free and comes packed with features like security measures and country blocking.

When it comes to hosting, Brownrice Internet has never let me down, whether it’s for WordPress, Webflow, or custom-built sites.

Tailored Solutions:
Not all providers excel at everything. By diversifying, you can cherry-pick the best in each category. Want a top-tier domain registrar but prefer a different host for your website? No problem. Different vendors specialize in different things, allowing you to tailor your setup to get the best of all worlds.